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Ag-lending made easy.

Kestrel uses satellite data to give lenders unparalleled access to emerging markets. Modernize your agricultural portfolio today.

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Data at your fingertips.

Kestrel makes agricultural investing transparent. Our lending platform enables financers to make data driven decisions in the most promising new markets.


Climate risk

Screen all of your investments ahead of time with our climate risk analysis.


Agricultural insight

We analyze satellite imagery to let you visit even the most remote farms.


Due diligence

Assess any parcel of land ahead of time with our intuitive UI.


Portfolio management

Stress-test your whole portfolio for climate hazards and supply chain disruptions.


Use Kestrel to keep your organization at the cutting-edge.

Capture a $250B market

Smallholder farms are an untapped opportunity with a massive return as demand for food increases.

Meet priority lending goals

Kestrel enables you to meet priority sector lending goals while minimizing risk.

Stay ahead of the curve

Our innovative technology will keep you miles ahead of competitors that rely on outdated lending practices.

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Use cases

Kestrel manages agricultural risk at every step of the supply chain.

Supply chain

End-to-end tracability on all of your products. Advanced risk forecasting to protect your business against shocks in the market.

Banking and Real Estate

Kestrel's analytics and proprietary land scoring system helps you invest safely and at scale. Integrate with our lending platform to insulate your whole portfolio from climate and physical risk.


Our innovative loan origination software helps your organization onboard and process clients from even the most rural locations.

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If you are unsure about how Kestrel can help your organization, feel free to reach out. We will work with you to help bring data to your lending process.

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